Vision & Mission

Vision & Mission


The   vision of the Department is to establish itself as a center of excellence   in teaching, research, and advocacy for contributing towards building a people-centered development regime that seeks to achieve a free, open and just society in Bangladesh


  • Playing a critical role in informing contemporary debates about the scope, meaning and promise of development in a globalizing world
  •  Building and generating knowledge through engagement of research with a wide range of stakeholders including poor and marginalized communities
  • Developing productive and skilled professionals through quality teaching and associated capacity building efforts with a view to contributing to manage development interventions at local, national and international level
  • Undertaking original research and outreach that support scholars, practitioners and organizations working to address some of the most pressing social, political, economic and environmental questions of our times. 


Strategic Objectives:

  •  To develop appropriately qualified and trained human resource for catering the need of the countries development sector
  •  To develop the culture of scientific research among development researchers, scholars and administrators in various locations.
  •  To build partnerships with a wider range of actors who drive change in society, outside as well as inside the development industry.
  •  To develop the capacity of the faculties to be able to meaningfully contribute towards the above objectives.
  •  To build corresponding institutional capacity to be fit for the purpose – including making necessary changes internally to ensure our culture, resources, systems and structures deliver on the above objectives.

Strategic Actions for Short-term (2015 – 2020)

  1. To provide systematic support to the faculties for the development of their professional capacities
  2. Develop curriculum and learning environment and teaching methods towards catering the needs of the students in light of the changing demands of the society
  3. To conduct and facilitate various program-course specific research
  4. To strengthen research degree program by greater emphasize on epistemological training
  5. To establish and mobilize departmental research funds by leveraging external networks and institutional sources
  6. To regularly pursue the main departmental publications notably the official journal (The Dhaka University Journal of Development Studies)

Midterm Strategic Actions (2020 – 2025)

  1. To provide technical and specialized assistance and support towards developing research capacity among interested external organizations
  2. To institutionalize international student-faculty exchange by networking with selected global universities
  3. To increase total student enrollment by some 15% and corresponding adjustment to, and elevation of the resources

Long-term Strategic Actions (2020 – 2025)

  1. To fully operationalize specialized research centers – affiliated with the Department – concentrating on such themes as development economics, public policy and governance, environment, climate change and development, education and development, gender and development, Anthropology and Social Transformation, rural development, urban development and health development.
  2. To expand and scale up the Department into a full-fledged autonomous Institute within the statutory and guiding framework of the University