Short Courses & Training Programmes

Short Courses & Training Programmes

Short Courses & Training Programmes

Short Courses & Training Programmes


By the end of a short course/training programme, the participant should have:

awareness of theoretical foundations, principles and practical methods for development and specific knowledge in that particular subject;

greater knowledge and practical experience of a range of practices in social analysis and management concepts for development work, specific to the course and experience of application of analytical tools and field methods through workshops, field work, study visits and private study; and

valuable materials to share with colleagues and enhanced communication skills.


Short Courses

S 501 Child Rights and Participation

S 502 Participation and Development with Gender

S 503 Health Systems Management

S 504 Monitoring & Evaluation with Impact Assessment

S 505 Participation and Development

S 506 Development issues Involving Children and Youth

S 507 Development, Law and Social Justice

S 508 Effective Social Policies for Human Development: Issues in Design and Management

S 509 Globalisation and Development

S 510 Governance, Democratisation and Public Policy

S 511 Modelling and Accounting for Sustainable Development

S 512 Project Planning and Evaluation

S 513 Environmental Assessment

S 514 Poverty Assessment: Policy, Participation and Monitoring

S 514 Environmental Management and Sustainability

S 516 Trade Policy and Commercial Diplomacy

S 517 Religion and Development